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10 Questions With – David Proctor, UK Production Operations Director, Molson Coors

1 – If you were given 1 million pounds – how would you invest that in your business?

Invest in development/training across all levels of the organisation

2 – If you were prime minister, what would be the first thing you would change or improve for manufacturers?

Subsidise engineering degrees

3 – What is your view on post Brexit Britain – positive, negative or indifferent and why?

On balance I fear it could be negative, but we have the decision now so it is crucial we roll our sleeves up and make a fist of it!

4 – What is your proudest achievement related to manufacturing in your career?

Part of a turnaround team at Black & Decker – the change in operational performance in a period of nine months was incredible and a testament to the team that we assembled

5 – What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

A man without data has opinions!

6 – How do you think the manufacturing community collectively, can continue to engage with young people to develop their interest in a career in manufacturing?

Better marketing of roles in industry and better pay – in line with other professions

7 – What is a typical day for you? Time you wake up, get to the factory/office, go home etc.

I am normally in work by 07:30. I will then aim to spend some time on the shop floor, often doing a safety observation, then my normal meeting routine will begin. I normally try to keep a few hours clear in the day to be able to focus on the big priorities. Sometimes I will try to get finished by 17:00, go for a run nearby, then shower and head home for 19:00.

8 – If you hadn’t embarked on a career in manufacturing, what do you think you would be doing now?

I think a doctor – fixing bodies!

9 – Any wise words, advice or tips for someone looking to pursue a career in manufacturing?

Get a sponsorship or placement either before or during your degree – you learn so much by getting out into industry and getting your hands dirty

10 – If you could choose, what would you like your legacy to be once you retire?

To have made a difference in UK manufacturing, specifically to have left a positive imprint on those left to continue the journey

David Proctor, UK Production Operations Director, Molson Coors Brewing Company.


10 Questions With… is a regular feature where we put a variety of quick fire questions to manufacturing leaders and role models to get to know the people behind manufacturing success in the UK.

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