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3 minute read

ETG taps into ‘girl power’ to boost Training Academy roll-out

One of the UK’s leading machine tool suppliers is benefitting from ‘girl power’ after its newest Technical Coordinator marked a major milestone.

23 year-old Chloe Reeve has just completed her 25th training course for Engineering Technology Group (ETG) clients, just four years after joining the business as an apprentice.

She has played a key role in the firm’s roll-out of its ambitious Technical Academy Network and her latest course involved putting three employees from specialist tool manufacturer Guhring through their paces on the new Hardinge Bridgeport XR760.

Chloe has completed her 25th training course for ETG, 4 years after joining as an apprentice / Picture: ETG


The 3-axis CNC machine features a 12,000 RPM spindle and state-of-the-art Heidenhain 530 control interface, making it ideal for high precision work for the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Chloe explained, “2017 has been a great year for me and I’m really enjoying the new role, where I’m interacting a lot more with customers to make sure they receive the right technical advice and training on some of the new technology we are supplying,”

“During my own development, I’ve learned a variety of different CNC Programming languages, including Fanuc Turn and Mill, Siemens ShopTurn, Shop Mill and Heidenhain’s 530, 620 and 640 controls.”

She continued: “This means I can give our clients detailed programming courses on the majority of the machines we supply and the response has been positive with lots of good reviews and feedback.

“The training I’ve just completed at the Technical Academy at Guhring was my 25th course and will give three of their operators all the skills they need to produce the high precision parts they are looking to produce on the Hardinge Bridgeport XR760.”

ETG, which employs 100 people at its headquarters in Wellesbourne, is passionate about investing in developing the engineers of the future and helping industry bridge the skills gap.

The company has launched its Technical Academy Network earlier this year at a high-profile event at Norton Motorcycles in the East Midlands and – alongside In-Comm Training and a host of technical partners – is in the process of creating another 14 centres.

ETG is supporting the development of the engineers of the future and helping industry bridge the skills gap / Picture: ETG


Each location will be equipped with world leading CNC machine tools, precision technology, automation and the latest software, creating advanced manufacturing cells capable of training young people, existing workers and supporting SMEs with production issues.

Agreements are already in place with Guhring in Birmingham, the Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology (MCMT) in Bridgnorth and other facilities in Aldridge, Shrewsbury, Warwickshire, Tayside in Scotland and in Ireland.

Negotiations are currently underway with additional partners in Lincolnshire, Northern Ireland, the North East, the South East, the South West and in the Thames Valley.

Steve Smith, Technical Academies Manager, added: “We are also using the Academies to host special Technology Days, where we can showcase the latest machines, tooling and CAD/CAM software programming from technical partner Mastercam.

“Our next event at Guhring is on November 8 and 9th and will focus on its new milling, drilling and reaming products. Delegates will also get the chance to see firsthand the capabilities of the Nakamura AS200L and Hardinge Bridgeport XR760 operating on steel, stainless steel and aluminium.”

He concluded: “Chloe has been a fantastic addition to the team, showing what can be achieved if you take the time to invest in young people.”