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Work starts on Tricoya’s new Hull based manufacturing plant

Tricoya Technologies have broken ground for the first phase of construction at the site of the world’s first Tricoya wood chip acetylation plant at Saltend Chemicals Plant, Hull.

The new plant is being funded, built and operated by a consortium of companies formed in March 2017 including Accsys Technologies, BP Ventures, BP Chemicals, Medite, Business Growth Fund (BGF) and Volantis. The plant has also received funding from the Green Port Growth Programme and from the LIFE programme of the EU.

The plant construction is expected to complete in early 2019, and will provide around 30 permanent jobs and another 130 jobs for the construction period. The local Hull area has received over £3 billion of investment since 2012 creating more than 4000 jobs to date.

Tricoya plant breaking ground with from left to right: Mark Jone OBE of Hull City OCuncil; Akira Kirton – BP Ventures; Pierre Lasson – Tricoya; Gerard Britchfield – Medite Europe; Paul Clegg – Accsys Technologies; and Nigel Dunn – BP Chemicals / Picture: Les Gibbon/Hull News



The breaking ground ceremony was attended by representatives from the Tricoya Consortium (Accsys Technologies, BP and Medite), and joined by representatives from Engie Fabricom (main contractor), Hull City Council, South West Holderness Ward and the local team of Tricoya Technologies Ltd.

What is Tricoya?

Tricoya acetylated wood elements (including chips, fibres and particles) are a revolution in modified wood fibre technology.  Tricoya is widely recognised as the gold standard for manufacturing high performance wood-composite panels that can be used in wet environments, both internally and externally.

Tricoya panels combine the stability and durability of non-wood materials with all the advantages of wood-composite panels: sustainability, versatility, light weight and ease of use, installation, coating and forming. Tricoya panels are the biggest innovation in the wood industry for 30 years and are guaranteed for 50 years above ground, 25 years below ground.

Tricoya is non-toxic providing no restrictions in end of life or reuse of panels.  All wood used in the Tricoya production process is sourced from sustainable resources such as certified, reclaimed or recycled timber. Tricoya is EUTR compliant and is produced from fast-growing, well managed, legal sources.  With superior durability and stability Tricoya has a considerably longer lifespan than unmodified wood products which leads to lower maintenance frequency.