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1 minute read

EEF launches dedicated Brexit hotline to help manufacturers

EEF has launched a dedicated Brexit hotline for businesses to call for expert advice following on from the publication of the first raft technical notices on what they can expect in the event of the UK crashing out of the EU in March next year.

The manufacturer’s organisation said that while they welcomed the increased clarity for businesses, they urge Government to publish the remaining notices as soon as possible so companies can have the full picture of what a no-deal scenario will mean for them.

EEF has launched a dedicated Brexit hotline to help manufacturers debunk the Government’s technical notices / Picture: Getty/iStock


They said the decision to allow importers to defer VAT payments is very gratefully received and is something EEF has been campaigning hard for with Government in order to protect the 145,000 businesses in the UK which are above the VAT threshold.

To help manufacturers, EEF has launched a dedicated Brexit hotline to help companies understand the implications of the technical notices. Their Brexit experts are currently analysing technical notices and will be publishing easy-to-understand summaries on the EEF website over the coming days.

EEF added that while it is clearly prudent that Government plans for a no-deal Brexit scenario, they remain confident that Government will secure a deal with the EU and say they will continue to work with ministers to help secure this.


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