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Harrison Spinks to feature on BBC’s Inside the Factory

Renowned Yorkshire bedmaker, Harrison Spinks, is set to be star of the screen when Inside The Factory airs on 20th August BBC TWO with a focus on making mattresses.

Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healy gain access to Harrison Spinks’ state-of-the-art factory which makes 600 beds every day. Following the production of pocket sprung mattresses from the arrival of hard steel right through to soft bedding heading out of dispatch, Gregg will learn how lengths of metal are stretched into thin wire and coiled into springs which are placed into individual pockets, and how the mattresses are designed to wick away moisture from our bodies with the help of natural fibres like hemp and wool.

Yorkshire-based bedmaker, Harrison Spinks, will feature on the BBC’s Inside The Factory programme / Picture: Harrison Spinks/Voltage TV


Meanwhile Cherry will find out whether there are benefits to be had from taking an afternoon nap. And she visits Harrison Spinks’ very own sheep farm where she sees how wool is shorn and discovers its amazing anti-bacterial and fire-retardant properties, which make it perfect for filling a mattress.

Historian Ruth Goodman will investigate the origins of the modern mattress. She lies down on a straw stuffed sack, and learns how steel transformed our bedtime habits, first with the ‘innerspring’ and then with the more comfortable ‘pocket spring’ technology, which Harrison Spinks has adapted and made its own.

Simon Spinks, Managing Director at Harrison Spinks said: “To be chosen to be part of a programme as prestigious as Inside The Factory is a huge honour for Harrison Spinks. Our employees are all incredibly proud of their workplace and to shine a spotlight on the amazing time-honoured skills and traditional bed-making methods that we nurture during such a brilliant slot on the BBC is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Inside The Factory: Mattresses will air on Tuesday 20th August at 8pm on BBC TWO. The episode will also be available on iPlayer.