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1 minute read

Highland Spring to roll out 100% recycled bottle after trial success

Highland Spring has responded to popular demand by making a 100% recycled* and recyclable plastic eco bottle a permanent hydration choice in 2019.

Following a hugely successful 2018 trial, the Highland Spring eco bottle™ will launch this month with a nationwide retailer roll out.

After a successful trial, Highland Spring is to embark on a national roll out of its 100% recycled* plastic eco bottle / Picture: Highland Spring


Highland Spring Group Chief Executive, Les Montgomery, said: “The huge success of the trial shows that people are highly engaged with the environmental benefits of a 100% recycled* plastic eco bottle.”

“We are grateful to shoppers who gave us their thoughts and feedback, throughout the trial. They asked us to make the eco bottle a permanent addition to the Highland Spring family and we are proud to say that is exactly what we have done.

“Increasing our use of recycled plastic is an absolute priority for Highland Spring and this is a hugely exciting step in our mission to provide healthy hydration choices in environmentally sustainable ways.We hope that having innovative products such as the eco bottle in supermarkets alongside 100% recyclable bottles will help shoppers understand more about plastic as a valuable resource that should not be treated as waste.”

The major roll-out follows a hugely successful trial conducted last June. The results showed that shoppers responded well to the 100% recycled* plastic eco bottle, with no negative reaction to the appearance of the recycled plastic and a willingness to pay more for recycled material.

What emerged as key factors in the purchase of the eco bottle was environmental awareness, product availability and location in supermarkets:

30% of shoppers who bought the eco bottle cited support for the environment as the main reason for purchase.
Only one in 10 shoppers noticed a difference in the eco bottle as a recycled material.
Even when shown the eco bottle alongside a standard 100% recyclable Highland Spring bottle, only 35% of shoppers noticed a difference in its appearance.
Six in 10 consumers claim they would be happy to spend more on the eco bottle, with the majority believing a 5p increase would be fair.

(*Bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic. Label and cap are not made from recycled plastic but the bottle, label and cap are 100% recyclable.)