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2 minute read • published in partnership with KUKA

KUKA launches new ultra-compact small robot

KUKA has announced its new KR 4 AGILUS will be available from October onwards. The compact robot offers high performance at a favourable price. It is designed optimally for the standard workspace of 600 x 600 mm customary in electronics manufacturing and for a multitude of handling tasks – also in other industries.

In small automation cells, in production environments with limited space, for application scenarios with high demands – the new KR 4 AGILUS small robot from KUKA delivers. The potential for automated production processes is virtually unlimited with the new model in the payload category up to 4 kg – not only in the electronics industry, but also in many other sectors. The robot can be installed in any position, for example: on the floor, wall or ceiling, at any angle.

The new KR 4 AGILUS from KUKA will offer compact performance wherever it is needed / Picture: KUKA


More functions, more capabilities – with low space requirements

The robot moves loads of up to 4 kg quickly and safely. With its increased reach of 600 mm, it has even more application options – compared to previous generations, the work envelope has been expanded by almost 40%. At the same time, it delivers utmost precision in a minimum of space.

The KR 4 AGILUS demonstrates its power in terms of repeatability and cycle times: with a maximum deviation of 0.02 mm per work step and a cycle time of less than 0.4 seconds (in the small Adept cycle), the robot ranks among the leaders in its class. In terms of maintenance requirements, on the other hand, it takes a more restrained approach, reaching its maximum service life with a minimal maintenance effort.

Endowed with protection rating IP40, the KR 4 AGILUS is ideally equipped, for example being well within its comfort zone at temperatures between 0 and 55 degrees. Its reliability has been tested by TÜV; the European CE mark and, among others, the American UL certification mark attest to reliable quality. Users of the KR 4 AGILUS need not even worry about sensitive components: being protected against uncontrolled electrostatic charges and discharges (ESD), it is also ideally equipped for sensitive tasks.

Performance wherever it is needed

Markus Hollfelder-Asam, portfolio manager at KUKA, said: “With the KR 4 AGILUS, we are not just closing a gap in KUKA’s portfolio. We are supplying a new small robot in the 4 kg class that is a real ‘big hitter’, ideally suited for a broad spectrum of automation tasks – in the electronics industry and in many other sectors.”

Thanks to a diverse range of interfaces, numerous peripheral devices can be connected to the KR 4 AGILUS, expanding the application potential. And the best part? The small robot features the latest control technology from KUKA, the KR C5 micro with the latest KSS 8.7 system software, with which tasks can be controlled and solved even more efficiently.