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Mondelez to recruit 55 new apprentices in 2019

Mondelez International has announced it is hiring 55 new apprentices for 2019 across the UK.

With some of the best and brightest people choosing to join the world of work instead of going to university and career paths changing, Mondelez International is offering diverse apprenticeships for young people to get their teeth into.

The roles available include scientists and engineering to supply chain & procurement apprenticeships across their UK sites; Bournville, Sheffield and Reading.

Mondelez has announced it is hiring 55 new apprentices for 2019 across the UK / Picture: Mondelez International


Eleanor Roberts, Customer Collaboration Specialist Meals, Customer Service and Logistics Northern Europe, shared her top tips for those considering an apprenticeship with Mondelez International:

“The best thing about a Mondelez International apprenticeship is the level of responsibility you are given from your first day. You are not treated like a teenager leaving sixth form, you are given real autonomy and accountability. I assumed that apprentices would not have much importance, the reality is that the entire business really wants you to succeed. You are a valued member of the organisation.

“I wish I’d known how valuable apprentices are as an alternative route to university. I spent a long time applying to different Russel Group universities, at the same time I was worrying about graduating with no real life or professional work experience. We all know this is what employers value most highly. In my opinion, an apprenticeship gives you the best of both worlds, you are earning whilst learning. To me, it’s a no-brainer. Why spend your university life worrying about placements when you can secure an apprenticeship which hands it to you? I hope in future colleges and secondary schools promote apprenticeships more and more as it becomes more mainstream.

“I would recommend finding apprenticeships online, websites like NotGoingToUni and the Government’s National Apprenticeship site, they are amazing resources. This is where I found my apprenticeship along with many of my peers. These sites really help you find the right apprenticeship for you, including assistance with applications and even through to assessment centres. Talk to your careers advisor too if you have one. Big business has listened and now there are apprenticeships being rolled out across many sectors. Be proactive, reach out to HR representatives in organisations you’re interested in about apprenticeships! Being keen is key.

“I have loved every day of my apprenticeship because of the amazing opportunities and responsibilities you are given. You’re a valued team member!”