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Q1 aircraft deliveries bring record value to UK industry

The value of aircraft deliveries to UK industry in Q1 2017 reached a new record of £6.5bn, up a full £1bn from the first quarter of 2016, driven by a 10 per cent rise in deliveries of wide-body aircraft.

Overall aircraft deliveries in the first three months of the year reached a total of 307, pushing performance to date ahead of the first quarter of 2016, a year that set new records for deliveries.

A total of 242 orders for new aircraft in the quarter – 42 per cent higher than 2016 – kept the backlog of orders at its third highest level on record, with 13,452 aircraft remaining on global order books, potentially worth £220bn to UK industry.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said: “The aerospace industry is leading UK growth and prosperity. Global demand is driving production rates higher and UK expertise is delivering essential components and technologies. Despite the uncertainties associated with the decision to leave the EU, aerospace innovation and productivity is helping to sustain the high value, long-term jobs our economy needs.

“The Aerospace Industrial Strategy, a strong partnership between Government and industry, continues to play an important part in sustaining growth and encouraging investment in innovation, skills and productivity. A successful aerospace industry is of national strategic importance and the good work undertaken in recent years must be continued.”

Commercial Aircraft Deliveries (Cumulative year-to-date delivery totals, end of month)

Source: ADS Group Commercial Aerospace Market Information