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Syspro launches MOM module to support Industry 4.0

K3 Syspro is releasing a new Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) module for the Syspro Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, which is used by more than 15,000 manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

The MOM module supports the complete manufacturing lifecycle. It includes scheduling based on current constraints and capacities; publication of schedules and job lists; collection of data from the shop floor; tracking of employees, equipment and jobs; analysis of key metrics; and Six Big Loss analytics to drive continuous improvement. These analytics help identify planned downtime, breakdowns, minor stops, speed loss, production rejects and rejections on start-up.

The MOM solution can be used to automatically gather information from machines and employees in real time, increasing the visibility of the shop floor operations in the ERP system, therefore enabling better-informed decision making.

As factories adopt Industry 4.0 practices, automated data collection enables shorter lead times, reduced loss, and maximum uptime / Picture: K3 Syspro


Combined with the Work in Progress (WiP) and Bill of Materials (BoM) modules, the MOM solution can be used to improve the speed of delivery to customers and the accuracy of delivery estimates; reduce downtime and bottlenecks; control labour and machine costs; measure and improve quality; and increase productivity. Using a browser-based interface, companies can have visibility of any stage of the manufacturing process, from any connected device.

Manufacturers measuring their performance with the MOM module can drive towards world-class standards of operation for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total effective equipment performance (TEEP) and overall labour effectiveness (OLE). The module has been designed for job shop, batch production, production line and mixed mode environments.

Darren Edwards, SYSPRO Product Channel Manager, K3 Syspro, said: “As manufacturing businesses of all sizes explore how the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 can help them, they need an easy way to gather information from the factory floor, and feed it into their core ERP system.

“With the Syspro MOM module, we are enabling manufacturers to better understand their operations in real-time, so they can achieve a better workflow, increase productivity, and ultimately better satisfy their customers and stakeholders.

“The Syspro MOM solution enables manufacturers to close the feedback loop in their factories, it enables them to track performance on the factory floor, so they can analyse it and improve the accuracy of their future schedules, and the performance of their factory workflows. The data can be used to identify machines where timely intervention can avoid downtime; and to identify employees who may need support to increase their productivity.”

SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is a modular system with functionality focused completely on the needs of manufacturers and distributors. From supply chain management to production and scheduling, SYSPRO provides applications with industry-specific technology designed to integrate every aspect of the business. K3 Syspro is the European distributor for SYSPRO, and the head office for Syspro Europe.