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UK defence export orders in 2018 were worth £14bn

Official 2018 defence and security export statistics published by the Government show defence export orders rising to £14bn last year.

The figures mean the UK remains the second-largest defence exporter globally, based on a 10-year rolling average of orders.

Official Government statistics show defence and security export orders rose to £14bn in 2018 / Picture: Getty/iStock


Security exports stood at £5.2bn in 2018, with cybersecurity exports the largest component at £2.1bn in value, up from £1.8bn the previous year.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt, said: “The UK’s defence and security industry is a world leader, trusted to deliver innovative and advanced equipment to the UK Armed Forces and our international partners.

“Rising defence export orders to £14bn in 2018 shows the demand for UK defence equipment, support and services around the world.

“The success of our defence industry makes an important contribution to our national prosperity, delivering 135,000 jobs in the UK in this high-value sector.”

More information can be found by following the link below:
UK Defence & Security Export Statistics 2018