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Zytronic invests over £350,000 to increase factory capacity

Zytronic, a leader in custom-designed touch sensors has invested over £350,000 into its Northeast manufacturing site. The upgrade to glass processing and storage equipment increases the range of products and design features offered to customers and streamlines operations.

Within the programme, Zytronic has installed a new 5-axis CNC glass profiler to supplement the two 3-axis profilers it already has. The extra machining capabilities will enable Zytronic to offer additional features and profiles on the touchscreens, such as complex holes and slots, finger dimples and grooves, as demand for ever more customised touchscreens grow. Zytronic has also added a new compact CNC cutting table, replacing an older, larger, slower machine. Whilst increased demand for curved touchscreens has led Zytronic to further invest in glass bending capabilities.

The £350,000 investment programme at Zytronic in Newcastle includes new equipment and storage systems to enhance capability and capacity / Picture: Zytronic


Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director of Zytronic, said, “Customers come to Zytronic because the flexibility of our in-house manufacturing allows us to produce exactly the touchscreen that they require in low, medium and high volumes. With this further significant investment in our Newcastle site, we have enhanced the capability and capacity of our glass processing machines, increasing the variety of products we are able to create. We can now produce more complex shapes than before, including more curved touchscreens for which there is a growing requirement.”

Another significant element of the investment was a new, semi-automated glass storage system for handling and holding full sheets of glass before processing. This not only allows manufacturing staff to access the required sheet from Zytronic’s extensive inventory of glass more easily and quickly, but also provides a safer working environment. The system has also improved space utilisation, releasing floor space for potential future expansion.

The new, semi-automated glass storage system has increased productivity and released floor space for potential future expansion / Picture: Zytronic