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2 minute read • published in partnership with Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco adds to its nitrogen generator line-up

Atlas Copco has announced the addition of a new model, the NGP 130+, to its PSA nitrogen generator line-up. At the same time, it is introducing next-generation control and automation technology to all its smaller (8-130) NGP+ units. The premium NGP+ range is now complete, in terms of available sizes and features, delivering best-in-class flexibility, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

The NGP 130+ offers a nitrogen flow of 37-264 Nm³/h (depending on the selected purity), giving customers in this segment a single nitrogen generation solution built to their needs. The new model completes Atlas Copco’s premium Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen offer. The NGP+ range is now available in all flow sizes from 1.9 to 2871 Nm3/h (at reference conditions).

Atlas Copco has introduced a new PSA nitrogen generator and enhanced the technology of its smaller NGP+ units / Picture: Atlas Copco

Ben John, business line manager at Atlas Copco, said: “We now offer an NGP+ for every customer. That is a big deal because this range fulfilment translates into real customer value. Nitrogen generators are most efficient at full load. The NGP 130+ ensures that no matter the capacity request, customers can always operate with maximum efficiency, and that they don’t need to size up or work with a parallel installation. This in turn means they can enjoy the NGP+’s superior performance and reliability without compromise.”

Fully automated operation

At the same time, Atlas Copco is rolling out its next-generation control and automation technology in all its smaller NGP+ models (NGP+ 8-130) to give customers industry-leading efficiency and reliability.

This includes the nitrogen purity check, which continuously monitors the nitrogen output and reroutes it when its purity doesn’t meet the selected standard. On the inlet side, the feed air check blocks air that is of subpar quality from entering the generator and possibly compromising its operation.

The Variable Cycle Saver algorithm optimises the PSA cycle during lower demand and in colder temperatures, giving customers up to 40% additional energy savings. All NGP+ 8-130 models come with the top-of-the-line Elektronikon® Touch controller with easy gas purity selection and advanced monitoring and connectivity options.

A number of new optional features are now also available for the NGP+ 8-130 to meet customers’ specific requirements. This includes a room oxygen alarm, the ability to work in very low ambient temperatures and to produce ultra-dry nitrogen.

Proven design

The new NGP+ 8-130 comes with the same modular build with extruded aluminium tubes as the existing generation. It ensures a compact footprint and durable operation, two benefits that are very popular with customers.

Another much-appreciated asset is the NGP+’s industry-leading low total cost of ownership. The nitrogen generator and its software are designed to utilise the premium Carbon Molecular Sieve adsorbent with maximum efficiency to ensure minimal air consumption per unit of nitrogen generated.