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3 minute read • published in partnership with KUKA

Feature: Does your business need to automate, but you don’t have the funds?

You might think that embracing robotic technology can be costly but choosing not to invest in robots could be detrimental to your business.

In an ever-evolving manufacturing environment remaining competitive is essential. Changing consumer preferences mean that the ability to adapt quickly to changing market trends is imperative and, automated robotic processes empowers business owners to do just that.

KUKA UK has introduced an innovative leasing programme available to those that need to invest in automation to improve productivity.

KUKA has introduced an innovative leasing programme available to those that need to invest in automation to improve productivity / Picture: KUKA


Can you really afford not to automate when your competitors probably already are?

Investing in automated operating equipment is an important decision-making process. You need to understand exactly where within your operations you can add value. Leasing can however make that decision a little easier to make, by minimizing the initial investment, allowing you to retain capital that can be invested elsewhere.

Despite economic pressures, companies who take advantage of robot leasing can benefit immediately from the production power that they afford. Considerations such as future proofing operations (aligning operational processes with future market dynamics); embracing technological shifts and trends (investing in areas that align with industry 4.0); gain and, maintain a competitive edge (invest in areas competitors may not be and, promote yourselves as forward thinking, innovative, sustainable – a key USP’s for potential investors/customers)

One key benefit of equipment leasing, is that a short-term business plan can be supported. For some SME’s a constant worry is having a healthy cash flow that allows them to trade comfortably. Equipment leasing therefore can provide huge benefits that last far beyond the life of the lease.

Productivity is and, shall continue to be an important quantitative measure, for any manufacturing business. Recently, manufacturers have had access to a vast low-cost labour market, that has reduced the need for investment in capital equipment. But current economic uncertainty does raise the question of whether access to an EU employee pool shall be compromised? thus putting pressure on manufacturers to examine their production cycles and identify processes that should be automated to maintain production momentum.

High volumes and multiple product iterations dictate that employers need a vast and varied workforce, equipped with a variety of skills needed to address a plethora of tasks along the production line. But this presents a challenge to manufacturers who, more often than not, operate on very narrow margins but have very high-quality standards. The compromise must be, to automate.

Remaining competitive is essential and one key benefit of leasing is that a short-term business plan can be supported / Picture: KUKA


Leasing a robotics solution, should be just as easy as leasing a CNC machine, a lathe or, other traditional manufacturing equipment. The difference however, is the life of a robot can be significantly longer than that of ‘traditional’ manufacturing equipment. Robots can be re-purposed according to the application in which they are functioning, making them both adaptable and scalable. Their economic lives, from a commercial perspective, mean they add value, translating time to profitability.

KUKA UK’s leasing programme is uniquely designed so that its extensive range of intelligent automation solutions can be leased, making it easy for customers to access the automation they need for their businesses – to increase productivity, improve quality output and add value to their operational processes.

A standard KUKA arc welding cell with an RRP of £65,841 could be available to you for £1,379.37 a month*, or as little as £45.35 a day? *.

KUKA offers a comprehensive range of industrial robots, in a wide range of versions with various payload capacities and reaches – you will always find the right one, no matter how challenging the application. And, with tailor-made automation solutions designed specifically for your industry, from single robots to specialised cells, you can be assured of working with an automation partner that has the right capabilities, resources, expertise and experience – as a driver of innovation and growth, KUKA is committed to helping its customers achieve automation excellence.

KUKA’s team can help you find the right automation solution and, the right leasing option to ensure that you are best placed to start to automate and, reap the benefits of automated robotics within your business.

*Terms and Conditions apply – subject to status; credit approval and underwriting.