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3 minute read • published in partnership with K3 Syspro

Feature: K3 Syspro ERP – Supporting our Movers and Makers’ drive for improved productivity

Manufacturers, engineering firms and logistics companies are the lifeblood of the UK economy. Yet one of the biggest challenges facing our Movers and Makers today is a low productivity rate. At K3 Syspro, we recognise this and we’re proud to help drive their businesses forward through the transformative powers of ERP – from improving traceability to enhancing productivity.

As the birthplace of the first industrial revolution, the UK remains a hotbed of innovation. Many UK manufacturing companies are world-class and continue to produce high-quality, innovative products. In recent times, however, there have been negative reports in the media concerning our productivity scores. According to the BBC, productivity across the UK is suffering its worst drop in five years, with the ONS reporting a 0.5% fall between April and June 2019. This is even more pronounced within the manufacturing industry, which has seen a drop of 1.9%. Productivity leads to growth. It’s therefore imperative to increase the productivity rate of the manufacturing industry in order to boost the UK’s economy, especially if we’re to compete on a global stage.

K3 Syspro wants our Movers and Makers to thrive by embracing digital technology – helping to drive efficiencies and exploit new systems that will ultimately lead to increased productivity / Picture: Getty/iStock


This is where SYSPRO ERP comes in. SYSPRO is designed to improve productivity by streamlining the supply chain process, whilst integrating communications and objectives. When all departments within a company are interlinked through an ERP system, less time is wasted on emails, phone calls and unnecessary conversations to ensure that everyone is up to speed. It also enables the company to prepare for any events, deadlines or disruptions before they become a major issue.

One of the eight ways that SYSPRO ERP adds value to a business is through ‘Actionable Insights’. SYSPRO ERP offers insights and real-time trends for quicker analysis and decision-making, reducing the overall amount of wasted time in the company. This, in turn, improves business performance and productivity, as employees are more proactive and empowered to act swiftly.

Manufacturing generates 11% of GVA and accounts for 44% of UK exports. These percentages have the potential to be even higher if productivity scores improve. We know at first-hand how resilient our Movers and Makers are and their key role in our future prosperity.

Many of our clients have witnessed increased productivity due to the implementation of SYSPRO ERP. Food provider Fiddes Payne was struggling with efficiency due to separate systems which was impacting on customer service as well as high levels of stock which had a dramatic increase on the company’s overheads. By replacing legacy systems with an ERP solution that connected manufacturing, distribution and finance, K3 Syspro has helped reduce Fiddes Payne’s stock investment by more than £500,000. Order fulfilment is also far more efficient, averaging at 97.5%, a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency. Roberts Marts, Metaltech and Bendalls Engineering were among many other companies that noted a reduction in wasted time, leading to higher efficiency and productivity.

At K3 Syspro, we use ERP to help realise our Movers and Makers’ ambition to super-charge their businesses. At our annual Customer Day in November, K3 Syspro customers can access face-to-face help and learn all about the latest SYSPRO 8 updates. The Customer Day’s theme this year is ‘Keep Ahead of the Game – Together’, giving our customers the chance to share ERP successes and highlight the business benefits of digitisation in a collaborative environment. We’ve arranged for Charlotte Horobin, Membership Director Midlands & East for Make UK, to put this into context and discuss what it takes to succeed in a challenging climate. By showcasing SYSPRO ERP, we can help improve the productivity of individual companies, contributing to that of the manufacturing sector and the UK as a whole.

Our Movers and Makers can thrive if they further embrace digital technology. Helping to drive efficiencies and exploit new systems will ultimately lead to increased productivity and a growing global market share. It’s an exciting time to be working with manufacturing, engineering and distribution businesses and helping them gear up to fully exploit the opportunities created by Industry 4.0.