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2 minute read • published in partnership with K3 Syspro

Feature: K3 Syspro – powering our Movers and Makers

UK manufacturing is thriving. The birthplace of the industrial revolution remains a hot bed for innovation and the new digital era is helping British business excel on the global stage.

For 40 years, SYSPRO ERP has been driving efficiencies, boosting productivity and exploiting new technologies. Its new marketing campaign highlights how SYSPRO solutions power the world’s Movers and Makers and equip them for the challenges ahead.

Whilst embroiled in Brexit, it’s easy to lose sight of the amazing progress made by our manufacturers, engineers and logistics companies. Whilst politicians debate Britain’s future relationship with Europe, our Movers and Makers are hard at work making things happen.

Productivity is set to increase by 25% by 2025 and K3 Syspro is helping manufacturers optimise performance, implement best practice and guarantee compliance / Picture: Getty/iStock


Manufacturing employs 2.6 million people in the UK, generating 11% of GVA and accounting for 44% of total exports. K3 Syspro is SYSPRO’s only authorised European distributor and we are lucky enough to work alongside some of Britain’s most innovative manufacturers. We see at first-hand how responsive they are to the digital agenda and the transformative powers of ERP.

The government’s Made Smarter Review estimates that industrial digitalisation could increase productivity by more than 25% by 2025. That change of mindset is already reaping rewards, and every day we implement systems and technologies which supercharge our clients’ businesses.

The SYSPRO tool kit offers an array of capabilities designed specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers and the latest release, SYSPRO 8, marks a new era for ERP development.

SYSPRO 8 allows our Movers and Makers to optimise performance, implement best practice and guarantee compliance. It is accessible both on premises and in the cloud and connects users to a range of emerging technologies, including AI and IoT. Actionable Insights support strategic decision-making with real-time data, whilst SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management solutions check the health of every business operation.

The user-friendly system supports user buy-in through a digital assistant and its collaborative social media platform, Harmony. The SYSPRO Avanti web interface gives users the freedom to work where and when they choose from an interface that can be customised to meet individual requirements.

Britain’s Movers and Makers have always had to flex with the market and an uncertain economic landscape requires them to be more agile than ever. SYSPRO’s systems and technologies deliver unrivalled scalability and the K3 Syspro team is on hand every step of the way. Our best-in-class customer care puts people at the heart of ERP and ensures businesses have all the support they need for a smooth transition to digitisation.

UK manufacturers have never been afraid to break new ground, embrace innovation and turn challenges into opportunities. Today is no different and we’re excited to stand alongside them as they enter a new era of discovery.

You can discover more about how SYSPRO ERP supports the worlds Movers and Makers in a whitepaper which you can download here.