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How ERP can bolster resilience and future-proof a manufacturers business

Manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to innovate and gain the edge over their competitors. One thing that is often left out are the tools that they need to put in place in order to increase competitiveness. By implementing an ERP system, it can help teams embrace joined up working as well as bolster resilience. Nick McGrane from K3 Syspro explains how Enterprise Resource Planning software, can help manufacturers future-proof their business.

We can all stare into our crystal balls and try to predict what lies around the corner but the only thing we know for sure is that the future is uncertain. Be it Brexit or changing global markets, the manufacturers I speak to are preparing to face the unknown. The only way to do that is to build resilience, ensuring the business is lean enough, agile enough and productive enough to withstand whatever lies in its path. That requires businesses to embrace digitalisation and ensure every part of the operation works in harmony, aiming for the same goals. Our portfolio of ERP solutions combines those complementary super powers of joined-up working and resilience to future proof businesses and inform strategic decision making.

Manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to innovate and gain the edge over their competitors. One thing that is often left out are the tools that they need to put in place in order to increase competitiveness / Picture: K3 Syspro


Joined-up working

Joined-up working is critical for businesses looking to drive efficiency and gear up for Industry 4.0. Yet bringing together disparate teams and departments to share a common vision is challenging, especially if they use different systems. One of the main advantages of ERP is its ability to unify your operation and integrate seemingly incompatible elements.

Our products provide employees with the tools they need to work in sync.  The real-time sharing of data and knowledge opens a whole new realm of possibilities. With SYSPRO ERP, you can connect and empower teams, people and departments to all pull in the same direction. It offers the chance to streamline all relevant information into a user-friendly form to be accessed whenever and wherever required.

For instance, Workflow Services supports inter-departmental collaboration, whilst Integration Framework which extends ERP integration out to best-of-breed third-party products. Where issues arise, Office Automation and Messaging accelerates action on critical events by automatically notifying relevant people. In addition, K3 Syspro allows CRM and ERP systems to work in harmony through The Dynamics CRM Integrator.

Inter-departmental collaboration is supported through Workflow Services, whilst our range of reporting software ensures everyone is kept up to date.

Ceramic tableware manufacturer and supplier, Dudson Group recognised it needed to join up its processes across different departments and geographical locations and decided to integrate its SYSPRO ERP system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The goal was to empower the sales force and make it easier for managers to monitor sales performance.

Dudson Business Analyst Kevin Barker says: “We wanted to combine SYSPRO and Dynamics CRM so that we have one point of access for all our business processes. We wanted everyone to have instant and easy access to all the information they require in one place.”

Dudson currently has more than 80 CRM users on the system, enabling remote management of its sales force all over the world. To facilitate true joined-up working, the system had to be available in different languages and CRM can currently be accessed in English, American English, French and Spanish.


If manufacturers can find technological solutions which help them adapt and evolve, they can respond to whatever challenges lie ahead. Only by gathering, interpreting and disseminating key information can decision makers respond to what confronts them and our solutions are proving an invaluable resource in building operation-wide resilience.

Financial transparency

General Ledger outlines the financial health of the business, exposing pain points and identifying areas for improvement. Budgets & Targets supports informed financial planning, whilst Accounts Receivable gives instant access to customer accounts activity.


Electronic Funds Transfer mitigates against the risk of fraud and Access Control controls internal and external access points.

Customer services

Build resilience by responding faster and more effectively to customer requirements through SYSPRO Driveworks. It allows clients to configure the products they want. Similarly, SYSPRO Inventory Management allows businesses to react quicker once orders come in and provide accurate information.

Tracing and tracking

SYSPRO’s Lot Traceability module supports quality control and facilitate swift product recall.

The visibility and insight offered by our suite of solutions enables manufacturers to be robust by boosting efficiency, protecting assets and improving the customer experience. It can be argued that resilience is the greatest power we can offer our clients and in an increasingly uncertain climate, it’s one businesses can’t afford to be without.

What could K3 Syspro solutions do for your bottom line? Talk to us either on 0161 876 4498 or through the website here. You can also organise a free discovery session here.