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How ERP empowers manufacturers to boost profitability, drive efficiency and make everyone more productive

As 2018 comes to a close and manufacturing businesses start to plan for the New Year it is vital that systems that can boost profitability and make businesses more efficient are not overlooked. With the recent and ongoing developments with the Brexit deal offering no further clarity on the final outcome of the deal, 2019 will be a crucial year for manufacturers. Nick McGrane from K3 Syspro explains how a good ERP system can help business become more efficient and ultimately boost profitability.

The ultimate measure of success for an ERP system is the impact it has on the bottom line. At K3 Syspro, our suite of solutions is designed to boost profitability. The insight and control provided by our products allows manufacturers to undertake a financial health check. That ability to interrogate every aspect of your operation exposes inefficiencies, identifies ways of reducing waste and equipping staff with the tools and technology they need to be more productive.

Profitability and financial gain

Our product portfolio allows users to source, format and analyse data on every aspect of their business. This invaluable business intelligence then allows customers to measure performance across a range of profitability criteria, from resource efficiency to fulfilling customer requirements.

That focus on customer satisfaction is critical in optimising revenue. Our ERP solutions help bridge the gap between your capabilities and the demands of your clients.

For instance, our integration with online configurator Driveworks brings together manufacturing and sales knowledge so that customers can configure the products they want, and the business can respond swiftly to their requirements.

As manufacturers start to plan for 2019, it is vital that systems that can boost profitability and make businesses more efficient are not overlooked / Picture: K3 Syspro


SYSPRO’s Sales Analysis module offers invaluable insight into those customers’ buying patterns. This can sit alongside analysis provided by modules such as Trade Promotions or SYSPRO Counter Sales, which improves the customer experience by enabling the receipt of payments and deposits at the point of purchase.

SYSPRO’s Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules digitises the credit management process, allowing you to make efficiency savings whilst providing customers and suppliers with a far more reliable service.

Effective ERP can also help manage the cost of inventory by using accurate tracking to better serve customers and use forecasting to avoid unnecessary warehousing expenses. Modules such as SYSPRO’s Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) ensure that material is located correctly, delivered to the shop floor just-in-time, stored and then accurately picked for dispatch to the customer.

There are a multitude of other SYSPRO modules which help businesses get off on a stronger financial footing. These include SYSPRO’s Work in Progress which improves efficiency by scrutinising processes and tracking material, labour and resource utilisation. SYSPRO Budgets & Targets supports planned revenue and expenditure based on expected performance, whilst Activity Based Costings is used to calculate product profitability.

Efficiency and productivity

ERP can revolutionise operations from the shop floor upwards and ensure productivity is the driver at the heart of the business.

Yet many manufacturers are held back by poor visibility and integration. They turn to us to provide solutions which provide transparency and help streamline operations.

K3 Syspro’s Integration Framework allows manufacturers to perform key tasks online and use a variety of devices to collect data. Meanwhile, integration with online configurator Driveworks allows for much greater synergy between the manufacturer’s and customer’s ERP systems, saving both time and money.

Integration of systems and processes is a key component of any efficiency drive and our DataSwitch software solution accommodates multiple work-streams from one or more input sources.

All our solutions are designed to make manufacturers leaner and more agile. For instance, K3 Syspro’s Mobile Transaction Processing module validates data from across the organisation in real-time, eradicating duplication and errors and boosting productivity.

Our solutions encompass a range of other business disciplines. Be it Equator HR, Manufacturing Operations Management or Inventory Control, we offer modules to meet the needs of every department. By collating and analysing key information, they identify ways to improve productivity and build resilience.

Time is money

In 2008 the Industrial and office supplies company, Directa, contracted us to provide a comprehensive IT support package and ERP system.

The solutions modernised Directa’s financial and distribution processes and drove efficiencies across the business. Management were so impressed, they recently began exploiting its ERP system to automate stock taking with the use of handheld Opticon barcode scanners.

To help staff get on board with the project and to guarantee a good ROI, one of our consultants spend time with the business, teaching staff how to get the most out of the technology.

Directa’s Cheryl Thompson says stock taking had been a time-consuming manual task but with K3’s help, the business can save considerable time and money. She explains: “Where previously a quarterly stock take would have taken two to three days, we could now get it done in no more than two days, freeing us up to get on with other aspects of the job.”

What could K3 Syspro solutions do for your bottom line? Talk to us either on 0161 876 4498 or through the website here. You can also organise a free discovery session here.