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How ERP helps manufacturers to streamline and speed up processes, procedures & business growth

Any manufacturing business worth their salt should be constantly looking at ways to improve business process. In this day and age, it is imperative that manufacturers are looking at tools to improve productivity rates, cut costs and lead times in order to remain competitive in a global market. Nick McGrane from K3 Syspro explains how SYSPRO ERP can help manufacturers speed up and streamline their business processes to save time, money and sharpen their competitive edge.

When competing in tough global markets, manufacturers are under incredible pressure to cut costs and improve lead times. One of the key benefits ERP brings to a manufacturing business, is controlling wastage of time and resources and allowing businesses to work far more efficiently. At K3 SYSPRO, our comprehensive portfolio of products is designed to provide visibility of every aspect of your business, highlighting how savings can be made, mundane tasks can be automated, and employees can be freed up for higher value work.


Only by connecting and integrating core business functions can manufacturers drive change. Effective ERP provides a centralised system which integrates every aspect of day-to-day operations, allowing once disparate functions to work in harmony and using data to identify better processes, practices and procedures.

For instance, SYSPRO ERP uses Mobile Transaction Processing to allow users to streamline physical inventory counts, purchase order receipts, job issues, inventory movements, sales orders and much more – all using handheld devices or a from a remote desktop PC.

Meanwhile, DataSwitch supports more intelligent data processing, allowing businesses to communicate and integrate between various systems and establish work streams from a range of different sources.

One of the key benefits ERP brings to a manufacturing business, is controlling wastage of time and resources and allowing businesses to work far more efficiently / Picture: K3 Syspro


The SYSPRO system is full of streamlining functionality, including its exclusive Employee Portal. By allowing employees to access and update their personal information directly, the HR team is freed from the burden of their time-consuming administrative workload and instantly become more productive.

SYSPRO ERP uses Inventory Forecasting, Families and Groupings and Requirements Planning to help your business optimise its stock and reduce obsolescence. All businesses can reap the benefits of reducing waste in the supply chain and embracing more efficient logistics. Similarly, SYSPRO’s Inventory Management module makes the process as seamless as possible, enabling better order fulfilment and helping optimise stock levels.

Streamlining is also closely linked to traceability and improving quality control. SYSPRO ERP features a Lot Traceability function which allows precise tracking of products, materials and processes, as well as the ability to issue recalls.

In addition, the Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) module improves visibility of the shop floor through employee and machine tracking. It allows manufacturers to plan more accurately, accelerating delivery, identify weaknesses and ensure the business can perform to its optimal levels.

Our client, Bendalls Engineering, designs and manufactures specialist steel fabrications and assembles electro-mechanical equipment for a range of industries. In the face of stiff global competition, it is having to invest in reducing lead times and improving customer service.

Finance Director, Neil Murray, says: “The SYSPRO ERP system has been proven in meeting our specific needs. Everyone has immediate status visibility on every job, from order to final invoice, and a raft of detailed general information and key analysis data is available within seconds. At the same time, we have seen improvements in the way we operate, in every department.”

He adds: “Overall, we are not only managing individual jobs more effectively and efficiently, but the system has made managing the whole operation far simpler and easier.”


A growing number of manufacturers are also turning to ERP to deliver expedience. Our suite of solutions helps them embrace faster ways of working, automating mundane tasks, eliminating duplication, improving accuracy and ultimately boosting productivity. It highlights wastage of time and resources and with real-time information at their fingertips, business leaders can make strategic decisions in a faster and more informed manner.

K3’s Mobile Transaction Processing module streamlines processes such as inventory physical counts, purchase order receiving, job issues, inventory movements and sales order picking. Imputed data is validated in real-time, eradicating duplication and errors.

We can replicate that rapid-response capability right across the business. For instance, our Warehouse Management Solution module ensures material is located correctly, delivered to the shop floor just-in-time, stored and then accurately picked for dispatch to the customer.

In addition, the Request for Quote module accelerates the process by creating and submitting an RFQ to multiple prospective and existing SYSPRO suppliers.  K3 Syspro’s Sales Order module improves customer service through fast and efficient order processing and fulfilment, whilst the Requirements Planning module allows manufacturers to create realistic production, purchasing and supply transfer schedules.

This new-found expedience can have a significant impact on productivity. Our customer, BCA Group, manufactures electrical power systems for major caravan manufacturers. Our ERP solutions’ real-time reporting proved invaluable in simplifying complex manufacturing processes and driving efficiencies.

For instance, the business uses SYSPRO’s Merchandise Return Authorisation functionality for warranty work so that if a customer has a problem, it is logged onto the system immediately.

Martin Price, BCA Group’s Purchasing Manager says: “We have noticed an improvement in the efficiency with which we deal with warranty issues by using MRA. It has freed up a lot of time to look at other important things and it improves our customer service performance, giving customers a much faster response.” 

For more information on unleashing your SupERPowers and to read case studies on how other companies have acquired theirs visit: K3 Syspro SupERPowers