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3 minute read • published in partnership with K3 Syspro

How SYSPRO ERP supports performance & productivity improvement in manufacturing

For more than 40 years, SYSPRO has been at the cutting edge of ERP solutions and its latest release, SYSPRO 8, is the most revolutionary yet. Its main European distributor, K3 Syspro, is using the system’s super-charged functionality to enable digital business, as well as boost the performance of manufacturers.

SYSPRO 8 marks a new era for ERP development. Designed specifically to meet the demands of manufacturers, the new product offer provides a host of user-friendly features to help everyone in your business embrace the digital age.

SYSPRO 8 has been released and marks a new era for ERP development, designed specifically to meet the demands of manufacturers / Picture: Getty/iStock


8 reasons to opt for SYSPRO 8:

Industry built – SYSPRO is embedded in the world of manufacturing and understands the challenges and pain points. Its ERP toolkit is designed to meet specific industry needs, optimise performance, implement best practice, guarantee compliance and deliver a competitive advantage.

Choice and flexibility – ERP has never been so accessible. Be it on premises or in the cloud, the information you need is always at your fingertips, whatever device you use. You can opt for the Windows UI, the web interface with its improved ease of use, or SYSPRO’s mobile platform. Users can also select from the most practical and relevant emerging technologies, from AI to IoT.

Actionable insights ­– Actionable insights provide business-critical insights for more informed decision-making. Its real-time trends allow for quicker analytics, keeping users up to speed with how they are performing against targets and deadlines. Meanwhile, manufacturers can measure the overall health of their business with SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management solutions.

Enable digital business – Use SYSPRO 8 to digitise your business quickly, affordably and with minimum disruption. The system allows manufacturers to use practical applications to simplify the adoption of emerging technologies. AI and machine learning can identify trends, whilst your digital assistant handles a range of customer and supplier queries. Simultaneously, SYSPRO’s social media platform, Harmony, supports a more collaborative workplace.

Engaging user experience – Those implementing ERP often confront resistance to change. Yet SYSPRO accelerates user uptake with a user-friendly system that engages people and empowers them to work more effectively. The SYSPRO Avanti web interface gives users the freedom to work where and when they choose from a familiar interface, making for a more flexible and productive workforce.

Safeguard your ERP investment – SYSPRO guarantees rapid ROI by transforming your operation from the inside out. Manufacturers can future-proof their business and stay ahead of the competition by embracing innovation. The ongoing partnership with K3 Syspro gives access to a global team of industry experts to flex with your requirements, leverage new technologies and deliver long-term value.

Personalise your workspace – SYSPRO solutions are designed with the end-user in mind and add the all-important personal touch to ERP. Users can simplify and customise their workplace to meet their individual requirements, without the need for any programming skills. They can access anything they need from wherever they need it, all on a familiar personalised interface.

Scalable – SYSPRO’s technologies and platforms deliver unrivalled scalability. Its system can seamlessly flex as your operation evolves, from a handful of users performing basic tasks to a multinational organisation with ever-more complex requirements. New functionality can be added with minimal disruption, whilst integrating trusted customers and suppliers into a robust ERP infrastructure.