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2 minute read • published in partnership with ESCATEC

Insight: ESCATEC launches outsourcing guide for AgTech OEMs

Produced by electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider ESCATEC, Precision Farming Partnerships is a step-by-step guide tailored for Agtech Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) seeking to streamline their manufacturing processes through strategic outsourcing. Whether OEMs are venturing into EMS partnerships for the first time or searching for a new provider that can offer design support and help to meet heightened global demand, this eBook offers a roadmap to navigate the complexities of electronics manufacturing outsourcing with precision and efficacy.

ESCATEC has launched a new outsourcing guide for AgTech OEMs / Picture: Getty/iStock

Inside this guide, Agtech innovators will gain insights into the following crucial aspects:

1 – Defining Your Outsourcing Project and Objectives: The foundation of any successful outsourcing
project lies in crystal-clear project objectives. Through careful planning and consideration, OEMs will
learn how to articulate their outsourcing goals effectively, ensuring alignment with organizational
aspirations and operational requirements.

2 – Selecting and Qualifying the Right Manufacturing Partner: Choosing the right EMS partner is
pivotal for the success of any outsourcing initiative. This eBook equips OEMs with the tools and
strategies necessary to evaluate potential suppliers rigorously. From assessing technical proficiency
to scrutinising quality standards, OEMs will gain the insights needed to identify partners who can
meet their specific needs and aspirations.

3 – Ensuring Partner Value through Strategic DFM: Design for Manufacturability (DFM) emerges as a
cornerstone principle in optimizing manufacturing processes and product quality. By partnering with
manufacturers who prioritize strategic DFM principles, OEMs can streamline product development,
enhance manufacturability, and expedite time-to-market, thereby maximizing operational efficiency
and cost-effectiveness.

4 – Planning and Managing a Seamless Operational Transfer: Transitioning production seamlessly
from in-house facilities to external partners requires meticulous planning and execution. Get it
wrong and it can cost a company big time in money and reputation. This eBook offers practical
guidance on navigating logistical challenges relating to raw materials and juggling customer orders
and forecasts to ensure output is maintained and minimal disruption occurs.

5 – Optimizing Partnerships for Continual Improvement: In the dynamic landscape of precision
farming, developing long-term partnerships built on collaboration and innovation is paramount.
OEMs will discover strategies to develop a culture of continual improvement within the supplier
relationship, driving mutual growth, and advancement over the long term.

Through a blend of actionable insights and expert advice built up over 40 years, Precision Farming
Partnerships by ESCATEC empowers Agtech OEMs to unlock the full potential of outsourcing.
Whether embarking on a new outsourcing venture or seeking to move away from existing
partnerships to achieve challenging growth targets, this eBook serves as an easy to digest guide for
OEMs striving for excellence in the smart farming arena.

Download your copy of the guide below

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