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Insight: Helping manufacturers provide customer confidence

The National Physical Laboratory’s Manufacturer Measurement Network (MMN) recently worked with Cimpol, based in Huddersfield, to develop a bespoke solution to verify the performance of their novel system, which has been adapted to various applications such as heat-seal coating for consumable sachets, lamination of woven sacking and food packaging barrier films.

In order to bring this innovation to market, the company needed to ensure it could meet highly accurate standards. This meant developing a method to evaluate the thickness and evenness of the coating, despite the difficulties of working with a soft material, with a very flexible backing at an order of one micron thick.

NPL worked with Cimpol to develop a bespoke solution to verify the performance of their innovative coating / Picture: Getty/iStock


Just like many companies, Cimpol also needed to move quickly with the market. As NPL’s MMN specialises in helping manufacturers across the UK, the team was able to develop a solution for Cimpol in just six weeks. The resulting confidence brought by this measurement solution has secured new customers for their technology – supporting the company’s growth. They have secured a deal with Uflex Limited – an Indian multinational flexible packaging company – to develop and refine their technology for multiple cost-effective and environmentally-friendly applications.

The Manufacturer Measurement Network was launched in 2016. Designed to support manufacturers with good precision measurement to validate product quality.

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