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4 minute read • published in partnership with ERIKS

Insight: The rule of 3 for your assets

There are three key things you need from your motors, gearboxes and pumps: optimum performance, highest reliability and maximum longevity. ERIKS share more on how it takes a three-fold approach to helping you achieve them: 1. Being smart. 2. Being close. 3. Being hands-on

Being smart

The only thing worse than a failed asset is an unexpected failed asset. But by applying our expertise to your engineering issues in the most smart ways possible,  we can help you to be prepared.

For example, ERIKS VibraConnect Online Vibration Monitoring eliminates guesswork. By collecting and analysing machine vibration and temperature data, combined with ERIKS’ experience and know-how, VibraConnect gives you insights into the current and likely future condition of your motors, pumps, gearboxes and fans. And that gives you foresight, so you can plan maintenance with minimum disruption and downtime, prevent breakdowns, and optimize production.

Picture: ERIKS

ERIKS is also smart enough to offer you different ways to resolve your issues. Our engineering team will carry out a comprehensive on-site inspection to assess and report on the asset’s condition. You then have all the information you need to decide whether to repair, replace or upgrade.

If you opt for repair, then many assets – from gearboxes to High Voltage equipment, and coils to commutators – will demand specialist repair equipment. But you can depend on us to have whatever resources are required, whatever choice you make, as well as the specialist know-how to go with it.

So you’re never forced down a path to suit us. You’re given whatever you need to make an informed decision to suit you.

Being close

We get close to our customers so we can work with them to understand their issues. Because when we understand them better, we can solve them better.

So if, for example, recurring electro-mechanical problems are causing repeated failures, we won’t settle for repeated repairs. We’ll use our expertise to get closer to the problem, to provide a more effective solution – such as providing Root Cause Failure Analysis to help eliminate bad actors once and for all.

We’re close in another way, too.

We have a nationwide network staffed by time-served engineers – enabling you to access ERIKS service and support wherever you are. If it’s a repair you need, with ERIKS it doesn’t matter where you need it.


When you work with a reputable, nationwide provider of engineering services like ERIKS, you can always expect the best.

Our engineers are trained to industry standards. They’re accredited and authorised by leading manufacturers, fully compliant in health and safety practices and procedures, and work to the same structured and proven ERIKS procedures, across all our sites.

Every single asset is tested thoroughly throughout the repair process, to ensure it’s right first time, every time. Wherever possible, we repair as good as new – and in many cases even better than new. That’s why we can confidently invite you to visit our workshops and witness our engineers in action on any repair.

Picture: ERIKS

Making industry work better

Being smart, being close and being hands-on makes us better at making your assets work better. But that’s not our only focus. We understand that any motor, gearbox or pump is only part of the bigger picture of production, productivity  and profit. So we take a wider view to make your assets, and industry, work better.

We know that motors account for up to 65% of a site’s electricity use. So optimising their energy efficiency can have a significant impact on your bottom line. We always aim to help you keep them running more reliably and more efficiently for longer. Root Cause Failure Analysis can also help to eliminate and avoid problems (such as misalignment or bearing failure), to minimise downtime and reduce repair costs.

For gearboxes, all units are stripped and inspected to establish what work is required.  If a repair is judged uneconomical, we will offer you a like-for-like replacement to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

And for your pumps, we offer not only the most effective solutions for every situation, but also know-how that goes beyond the pump alone: to sealing technology, drives and more, for a comprehensive solution to all your pumping issues.

So when you want to optimise the performance, productivity and service life of some of your most essential assets, it simply has to be ERIKS Engineering Services. No three ways about it.