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3 minute read • published in partnership with KUKA

KUKA celebrates 10th year of its Irish operation with open house event

Since setting up its Irish operation in 2014, KUKA’s Dundalk office has delivered automated technologies across the entire Irish manufacturing sector, in industries as diverse as biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and beverage, aerospace, metal fabrication, R&D and academia.

The rapid growth in Ireland, alongside a heightened awareness of the advantages of automated processes, has prompted the expansion of our facility footprint at the Brewery Business Park site. This expansion aims to accommodate the surge in activity and personnel, driven by the escalating demand for KUKA’s products and solutions, which continues to grow apace.

Brian Cooney, CEO of KUKA Ireland, said: “As our business thrives within Irelands dynamic manufacturing landscape, expanding our Dundalk facility footprint and investing in refurbishment and expansion signifies not only our success but also represents our commitment to continued growth and innovation. It is immensely satisfying to see our infrastructure evolve alongside our local achievements, empowering us to reach greater heights in the realm of cutting-edge robotic technologies.”

The Brewery Business Park, where KUKA is located, was developed on the site of the former Macardle Moore brewery and transformed into a vibrant business park. Brewing at Cambricville stretches deep into the history of Dundalk; a far cry from today’s modern brewing, bottling, and canning, and is renowned more recently to produce Double Diamond!

KUKA Dundalk is celebrating its 10th year with an open house event in April / Picture: KUKA

Boasting a rich industrial heritage itself, KUKA’s decision to break into the Irish market was a strategic one. Productivity developments were being championed nationally in delivering future growth potential, however, with an economy operating at close to full employment conditions, the potential for further growth from this source alone was inevitably limited. Research and development, upskilling and reskilling and process optimisation initiatives, utilising robotics and automation, became strategic as businesses made improvements in organisational and working practices core to their development.

The refurbishment and expansion of the current Dundalk facility has enabled available floor space to double, incorporating a large demonstration area in which customers can immerse themselves in KUKA’s hardware and software, a boardroom, office and storage space and a reconfigured classroom to cater to KUKA’s trainees, from within industry and across their integrator network.

KUKA Ireland’s integrator network model mirrors that also established in the UK, drawing on the skills and experiences of a handful of industry partners strategically located across Irish and Northern Irish regions. The networks have been developed to enable the delivery of industry specific solutions and responsive customer service and support, tailored specifically to local customers needs, leading to faster response times, efficient problem-solving, and overall improved customer satisfaction. Members of the integrator network are also able to use the additional space to introduce new products, develop custom solutions, or offer value-added services, to increase their competitiveness in the market.

The refurbishment is impressive, and boasts a subtle nod to the rich, local industrial heritage, such as reclaimed bricks from the 19th century in the main lobby and a collection of prints from local archives to illustrate the history of the brewery building.

But it’s not just building physical structures, says Cooney: “We’re creating opportunities for our local community. This expansion project has translated into new job opportunities, empowering individuals in our community with meaningful employment and contributing to the prosperity of our region. In addition, we’ve been able to make available two new internships to local students, have utilised local skills and employed local tradesmen. In doing that we are supporting their growth and creating a multiplier effect as money circulates within the local economy. As a result, they are witnessing the expansion of the KUKA brand within their community. The brand has become widely recognised in and around Co. Louth, and our progress and development are positively acknowledged within the local area.

For this reason, we are excited to host a week of celebrations, marking the official opening of our new and improved facility. We also look forward to welcoming local industry through our doors to witness firsthand the many benefits that robotics, automation, and digital tools can bring to manufacturing. We have an exciting and comprehensive program planned for the occasion, which we are thrilled to deliver as we embark upon the next phase of our journey in Dundalk and continue our advancement into the digital age.”

The open house event will take place on the 23rd, 24th & 25th April 2024 with general admissions being welcomed on the 23rd & 24th. To register, visit: KUKA Open House Dundalk or for more information, email: