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1 minute read • published in partnership with KUKA

KUKA expands autonomous mobile robot line-up with KMR iisy

KUKA has added a new robot, the KMR iisy, to its autonomous mobile robot (AMR) line-up. This robot is designed for flexibility and reliability in demanding settings, making it an excellent choice for Industry 4.0 applications in production facilities and warehouses.

KMR iisy: Your smart manufacturing and logistics partner

The KMR iisy is a mobile cobot that can move quickly and safely in various workspaces. It’s versatile and can be used at assembly workstations, in intralogistics, and as a robot service system. It consists of the LBR iisy with a load capacity of either 11 or 15 kg, and a mobile platform that can carry an additional 200 kg. The KMR iisy is also ESD certified, making it suitable for cleanroom use. It can be operated using the smartPAD pro teach pendant, eliminating the need for a second operating device.

KUKA has added the KMR iisy to its autonomous mobile robot line-up / Picture: KUKA

KUKA’s new generation of autonomous mobile robots

KUKA’s new AMR generation sets the bar high for logistics 4.0, offering intelligence, flexibility, safety, and ease of use. These robots can be equipped with 3D cameras, safety laser scanners, or IP class 54 protection for reliable performance in various environments. They use differential drive for manoeuvrability and can autonomously adapt their routes for efficient navigation. They can charge themselves at a charging station or during work, and maintenance is easy thanks to large access hatches on the KMR iisy. The intelligent KMReS fleet manager simplifies integration, providing a cost-effective and safe solution.

These user-friendly mobile robots enhance (intra-)logistics processes, reducing both time and costs. They are beneficial for both large corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises.