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3 minute read • published in partnership with KUKA

KUKA Ireland secures ISO 9001 accreditation

ISO 9001 is a powerful business improvement tool, providing a framework for businesses to consistently meet customer expectations. Adopted by over 1 million organisations across the world, the certification is used by businesses to continually monitor, manage and improve the quality of their products and services. Over 18,000 ISO 9001 certifications have been awarded to clients that have achieved management excellence.

KUKA Ireland has been established in Ireland since 2015. Trading autonomously, registered as a trading company and submitting its accounts in Ireland, KUKA Dundalk is at the forefront of the delivery of automated solutions into the Irish manufacturing sector, across several industries; all as a result of an ambition by KUKA UK CEO Jeff Nowill, to satisfy the need for robotics and automation across, a then, developing manufacturing landscape. Today, manufacturing in Ireland is a highly advanced sector across many diverse industries including biopharmaceuticals, electronics, medical technology, and food production.

Ireland is currently seen as key drivers of innovation in Europe, with many industries revisiting their manufacturing strategies, with a revised focus upon competitive advantage, productivity, cost savings and upskilling that align with industry 4.0. As advanced technologies, such as robotics, are embraced, agile manufacturing becomes the norm, and that competitive advantage is sustained.

But, breaking with tradition is a significant shift for many businesses. The skills gap is forcing the hand of many manufacturers, and adopting automated technologies can be the only solution to operational longevity. But, how do Irish businesses approach the topic of automation having had no prior exposure to robotics, and how does KUKA Ireland align itself with the changing dynamics within Irish manufacturing?

KUKA Ireland has secured ISO 9001 accreditation / Picture: KUKA Ireland

The answer lies in the many established knowledge transfer networks that KUKA Dundalk has developed. Acting as both a supplier, a consultant, and a partner, it is our aim to enable manufacturers of all sectors and sizes to excel in the world of advanced manufacturing. This could be supporting strategies for skills development in partnership with the AMTCE, conducting walk-the-floor exercises with customers who need support optimising operational processes using robots, or working with our official system partners, to deliver automation across industry.

Whilst the management of relations is key to our success, the management of documented records of KUKA Dundalk’s activity, ensuring that the proper QMS processes are in place, further demonstrates that we are adopting the principles of quality management in all that we do, so we can reach tangible and feasible goals, to the benefit of our customers. The ISO 9001 certification substantiates KUKA Dundalk’s ability to provide customers with quick, efficient, and accurate service, whatever their sector of operation.

Brian Cooney, managing director of KUKA Ireland, said: “We had no doubt of the outcome of our ISO certification. As part of our ongoing quality assurance strategy, we as a team, have always ensured that we control the manner in which we produce products or provide services to our clients. Cyclical internal audit programmes ensures that our QMS is not only fit for purpose but acts in the best interest of our customers”.

Jeff Nowill, Cluster CEO, KUKA UK, added: “We have an exceptional team based out of Dundalk, with independent policies, objectives and targets. Since Brexit, the facility has really come into its own, which for us has been something of a revelation, especially so given some of the challenges we have faced when exporting to Europe” continuing “It’s more than just ‘have objectives and numeric targets been met’? It’s how the facility operates, and operates exceptionally well, evidenced by their achieving the ISO 9001 certification” Nowill summarises “It has been a little like watching a child grow up. Since its inception in 2015, Dundalk has evolved into a subsidiary that the KUKA Group can be proud of. It has taken a little time, but now registered and trading out of Ireland, it pleases me immensely to see just how far Brian and the team have come”.

Irish manufacturing is fast establishing a differentiated and internationally recognised reputation for manufacturing, and KUKA has been integral to the many automation projects that have been delivered across the island of Ireland.