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Video: How CP Cases collaborated with industry & academia to improve digital processes

CP Cases, a leading global manufacturer of specialist and bespoke protective case solutions, recently participated in the UK Digital Catalyst Programme and successfully reduced one of its digital processes from 180 minutes to just 15 minutes.

The UK Digital Catalyst Programme – developed by the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative – involved forming a collaboration between software supplier Autodesk, Imperial College and CP Cases to review some of the challenges faced by the company.

CP Cases successfully reduced one of its digital processes from 180 minutes to just 15 minutes / Picture: CP Cases/Autodesk


Asif Moghal, Senior Industry Manager at Autodesk said, “With so much of the UK industry focused on driving productivity and finding new skills, it is really motivating to see how connecting a company like CP Cases to Umar from Imperial can have such a dramatic impact. More collaborations like these can only benefit the industry and we intend to continue scaling this approach during 2019.”

Peter Ross, Managing Director of CP Cases added, “Like many of our counterparts, working with customers on a variety of bespoke products across long geographical distances can be a challenge. Increasing the speed of digital processing to improve efficiency has resulted in faster delivery whilst maintaining quality and accuracy. Moving forward, CP Cases will continue to engage with other companies and organisations to embrace the broad skills and talent available in today’s market.”

Watch below to find out more on how CP Cases improved their processes