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FPX was established thirty years ago and specialises in simplifying buying and selling experiences to align enterprise businesses with the expectations of modern omnichannel customers.

FPX’s solutions are powerful enough to handle any level of complexity, nimble enough to advance any business’s commerce strategy, and simple enough to seamlessly extend and enhance the capabilities of direct and indirect sales. FPX prides itself on providing businesses with the agility to power success in the era of digital transformation.

Between 1980 and 2000 FPX established the foundation for Salesforce automation with Configure-Price-Quote based solutions that transformed the way that companies executed commercial strategies through their sales channels. In 2004 FPX became the first company to produce a multi-tenant SaaS-based CPQ application.

FPX believes in its product and has invested over $200 million in research and development, including more than 30% of its gross annual income to advance mature product lines. This strategy has enabled the company to achieve more than 98% customer retention each year, a benchmark which makes it stand out in the industry.

Today, FPX has offices in the USA, UK, Germany and numerous other locations around the world. With the acquisition by HGGC in 2016, and the company’s move into Europe and the Asian markets in 2017, FPX is well positioned as a leading, global SaaS provider.

FPX enterprise CPQ allows leading manufacturing organisations to optimise the experience of buying and selling across their sales, partner and ecommerce channels, driving increased revenue and profit margins, increased loyalty and engagement, and empowering IT assets.

It can be a challenge for manufacturers to meet buyer expectations across all channels, particularly online. There are often layers of complexity, including multiple product or parts configurations and variables, pricing fluctuations and foreign currencies, bundles and promotions that accompany the sales of these products.

Some manufacturers who are building their online operations in parallel with traditional channels, have turned to powerful ecommerce tools to help them source, manage and distribute information on product details, pricing, customer data and business logistics.

The truth is, however, that ecommerce platforms are built primarily to support business-to-consumer transactions, and not business-to-business. In addition, applications such as CRM and ERP can help, but often work in isolation and gaps appear between front and back-office operations.

To overcome these challenges and plug the gaps, FPX’s platform-agnostic Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application can accurately deliver information and ensure that buyers have a consistent experience when researching, pricing, configuring, and ultimately buying and receiving a product or service. That means across all channels, online, direct or indirect and across any device at any time.

More than just a sales tool, FPX’s CPQ allows manufacturers to close more deals quickly through an ecommerce platform, view and automate the quote-to-order process across direct sales and partners, make product and pricing updates on the fly, and provide a seamless user experience to both customers and internal constituents.

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