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NoMuda VisualFactory

NoMuda develops, implements and supports the VisualFactory Manufacturing Execution Software for Lean Manufacturing. Based on standardised processes, the system is founded on Lean Best Practice, connecting Shop-Floor workers with supporting staff and management.

Constantly developed for over 20 years, the system coordinates People, Parts, Process and Production Equipment, especially IoT / OT equipment to ensure Adherence to Optimal Processes, delivering Optimal Quality and Productivity. Delivered either on-prem or on the cloud, the system is in production in over 30 countries on 6 continents, across a diverse range of manufacturers, including Aerospace, Defence, Life-Sciences, Oil and Gas manufacturing, Automotive, off-Highway and general manufacturing.

Picture: NoMuda

NoMuda VisualFactory stands as a pinnacle in Lean Manufacturing Execution Systems, designed to optimize human-centric processes. Rooted in the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Standard Work, VisualFactory elevates operational efficiency by providing shop floor technicians with comprehensive work instructions. These instructions encompass vital information such as component parts, tools, measurements, and test parameters, ensuring adherence to the most efficient processes.

Even in automated environments featuring CNC equipment, human interaction remains crucial for maximizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), as operators maintain machines, handle materials, and perform setups optimally. VisualFactory seamlessly integrates with production equipment including torque tools, gauges, and measurement devices.

VisualFactory’s customizable nature accommodates diverse processes such as configure-to-order production, non-conformances, repair and overhaul, and field service, meeting the specific needs of each customer. Through an AWS-hosted cloud solution, NoMuda VisualFactory ensures global accessibility, catering to multinational clientele with ease.

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