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5 minute read • published in partnership with NexSys

Case Study: Nenplas harnesses the power of SYPSRO ERP to secure sustainable growth

Nenplas is a leading manufacturer of extruded and fabricated plastic products. Based in Derbyshire, the business specialises in developing new and bespoke profiles to meet specific requirements. Its end-to-end capabilities mean that it can offering a whole range of solutions ranging from technical design, prototyping, manufacturing and fabrication, to finishing, distribution and stock holding. By exploiting the capabilities of SYSPRO and NexSys Solutions, the business has built the digital backbone required to stand out from the competition and tailor its offer to meet the changing needs of its customers.

The business celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021 and has built resilience by providing quality bespoke solutions. Its in-house engineers work with customers to modify designs and tooling to meet a variety of their extrusion needs. This customer-focused approach helps achieve best value and optimal cost performance ratio in the finished component. On the back of its service offer, Nenplas has built an impressive customer base and its plastic extrusion solutions are used in a wide range of markets including refrigeration, packaging, trains, safety systems and automotive.

Picture: Nenplas

This one-stop-shop offer has not only helped Nenplas stand out from the competition but has made it an appealing acquisition target. In 1987 the business was bought by the McKechnie group of companies. They went on to merge with Homelux and they were passed to US based Newell Rubbermaid before being sold in a management buyout in 2006. The business continued to grow by making its own acquisitions and caught the attention of Surteco, a leading German extrusion company which bought Nenplas in 2016.

Future proofing operations

To manage growth and changes of ownership, Nenplas needed to equip itself with the right digital infrastructure. To continue meeting customer requirements, the team required access to reliable real time data. In 2006 Nenplas installed SYSPRO 6 to improve performance, drive efficiency and gain visibility into all business operations.

Nenplas’s Group Head of IT Jonathan Hillyer says: “The business has had five owners since it was established in 1971, and in that time we’ve had experience of many different systems. Following the MBO, we engaged a team of management consultants to find the best fit ERP. They came back to us saying that SYSPRO would work best, and we haven’t looked back. We were very impressed with its capabilities and usability and soon moved onto SYSPRO 7.”

From automating time-consuming manual tasks through DataSwitch and Automail to using SYSPRO Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) for advanced planning and scheduling, Nenplas exploited a range of SYSPRO capabilities. Access to reliable real-time data to get a 360-degree view of operations help the business manage change, drive growth an improve efficiencies.

Picture: Nenplas

Continual evolution

The combination of SYSPRO and NexSys added value has helped Nenplas meet its objectives and respond to the changing needs of its customers. ERP capabilities have developed in line with business demands and as Nenplas looks to take its production capacity to the next level, the system has flexed to meet new demands.

Nenplas has committed to building two new warehouses and has identified the need to use TransLution Software to capture and automatically process business data. TransLution’s mobile solutions allow businesses to streamline tasks including inventory physical counts, purchase order receiving, job issues, inventory movements and sales order picking, using handheld devices or a desktop PC. The information entered is validated in real-time, saving errors, increasing stock accuracy and production efficiency and adding value to the company.

Nenplas needed to upgrade to SYSPRO 8 to capitalise on Translution within its warehouse operations. The upgrade was completed in November 2023 and has freed up the business to take the next step on its growth journey.

“We can now adopt TransLution early next year in time for when the first of the two new warehouses is complete”, says Jonathan. “SYSPRO 8 is now up and running and we can demonstrate to our German owners that we have a system that works for us. Many corporates believe that when it comes to IT, one size fits all but we have found an ERP system that meets our specific requirements. It’s the right fit for us.”

Smooth transition

Upgrading to a new system can be challenging but with the support of NexSys, moving from SYSPRO 7 to 8 has proved relatively straightforward for the Nenplas team.

Nenplas’ Group Financial Controller Adele Bonam comments: “As a finance professional, I have found SYSPRO to be very intuitive and an easier system to navigate. Our company has just upgraded to Syspro 8, and the transition has been very smooth with minimal disruption. As this all happened at month end, it was a relief.”

Having NexSys on board as a trusted partner has helped the business maximise the value of SYSPRO and ensure it continues providing the right solutions. Be it adding value through its purpose-built system integration and data manipulation tool Dataswitch, or providing first-class implementation support, NexSys is always on hand.

Picture: Nenplas

Jonathan says: “Without SYSPRO we can’t run our business and without NexSys we could not run SYSPRO. They are a constant quiet partner in our success.”

Jonathan and the wider Nenplas team are excited about what the future has in store for their business. There are plans in place to exploit more opportunities around digital integration. Be it adopting a CRM, reaping the benefits of better warehouse management, or exploring the opportunities for shop floor data collection, rolling out a programme of enhanced digital adoption will help ensure the manufacturer remains competitive. Empowered by ERP, the sky is the limit.