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4 minute read • published in partnership with NexSys

Feature: Is your ERP system fit for purpose? – NexSys eBook highlights the power of adaptable ERP

We see first-hand the transformative powers of digital technologies. Yet many of our manufacturers are struggling with outdated systems that no longer meet their needs. The latest NexSys eBook explores the benefits of adaptable ERP in responding to the changing requirements of your business. Be it supporting scale up and change of ownership, helping drive efficiencies or opening new opportunities through improved integration, SYSPRO ERP has it covered. With functionality and solutions that flex with changing demands, the eBook explores how NexSys can take your operation to the next level as a long-term trusted partner.

Access to reliable real time data is now a business imperative, and building a robust digital backbone is key to future proofing your operation. Decision makers depend on having everything they need at their fingertips and on systems that provide full visibility across functions and departments. Too many manufacturers are held back by poor performing ERP that has failed to keep pace with their business.

In our new eBook, NexSys shines a light on the benefits of fit for purpose ERP. We explore how decades of experience has helped SYSPRO and NexSys develop solutions that stand the test of time. The industry-built platform is constantly being updated to respond to an ever-shifting commercial landscape. As a SYSPRO elite partner, NexSys has a proud track record for helping transform business operations with the power of adaptable ERP.

Our own range of solutions complements the SYSPRO offer and helps maximise the benefits of digitisation. Only with those capabilities can businesses meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities ahead. There is no room for compromise when it comes to building digital resilience, and only those ERP solutions designed for adaptability will allow companies to fulfil their potential. Our eBook explores the values of fit for purpose ERP and examines five key areas where our solutions come to the fore:

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Business evolution

Be it supporting accelerated growth, meeting the challenges of diversification or helping explore new markets, business evolution requires a robust digital toolkit.  We hear from customers about how our solutions have kept pace with their demands. From improving performance by embracing automation to supporting new product development, SYSPRO is the system of choice for sustainable growth.

Changing ownership and business culture

Fit for purpose ERP is critical when accommodating a change of ownership and corporate structure. Many legacy IT systems cannot cope with the transition. We examine how SYSPRO ERP is helping businesses adapt to a fresh regime. At NexSys we take pride in supporting customers at every stage of their journey, smoothing transition and offering solutions that are designed to take the strain.

Cost savings and driving efficiencies

Businesses of all sizes are under pressure to streamline their operations by adopting new practices and ensuring everything works more efficiently. It is times like these that users notice the limitations of their digital infrastructure. Our e-book examines how SYSPRO’s enhanced functionality can support everything from using data to identify cost savings to automating time-consuming tasks.

Robust integration

Whether you are on-boarding your latest acquisition, building a new supply chain or responding to the demands of a new owner, many businesses have faced the challenge of integration. We explore how SYSPRO’s Integration Framework and our own integration tool DataSwitch provide our customers with peace of mind that information can be shared with whoever needs it, wherever they may be and whatever system they are using.


Does your system give you full visibility of all business operations? If your platform is incapable of providing a 360-degree view, you cannot make informed decisions. Learn more about how SYSPRO insight will help identify bottlenecks, spot opportunities and focus attention on the issues that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Our eBook provides an invaluable guide to the benefits of fit for purpose ERP. It highlights that having an adaptable system is helping our clients meet their goals by providing best-in-class functionality that responds to their changing requirements.

We also explore the importance of having a trusted partner on your ERP journey, through good times and bad. NexSys customers talk about how our experienced team of consultants, project managers, developers, trainers and support staff are there to help every step of the way.

From implementation to ongoing project management, our first-class customer service helps maximise the benefits of adaptable ERP.

Read our eBook, which we have broken down into chapters for easier reading, to learn more about the power of digital transformation and contact our team today to discuss how we can support your business.

Download the eBook below