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5 minute read • published in partnership with NexSys

Insight: How technology is driving continuous business improvement in the electronics sector

The UK is renowned for its electronics expertise. Businesses in this sector are amongst the most innovative in our economy and digital technologies are essential in future proofing operations. From innovating by constantly developing and launching new products, to ensuring compliance, electronics manufacturers face numerous challenges in remaining competitive and those without the right digital infrastructure will be left behind. NexSys Solutions looks at why access to real-time data to drive continuous business improvement is mission-critical and it has never been more important to find a fit for purpose ERP system to meet changing business needs.

The UK’s electronics industry has a market value of around £78 billion and employs more than 250,000 people. From consumer devices like laptops and mobile phones to essential components for sectors such as automotive, medical and aerospace, demand remains robust. The UK market is now focused on added value activities, providing a wide range of innovative products and specialist components.

Embracing transformative ERP

Electronics businesses must remain highly agile to respond to changing customer demand and make significant investment in R&D to keep ahead of the game. Manufacturers must also gear up to tackle a myriad of challenges including shorter times-to-market, greater customisation and more complex supply chains. Being able to rely on robust ERP is a business imperative.

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NexSys and SYSPRO each have more than four decades of experience delivering (NexSys) and developing industry-built software solutions. From key capabilities like Manufacturing Operations Management to essential tools like system integration and data manipulation solution, DataSwitch, we provide solutions that help you continue evolving in a highly competitive global market.

We see first-hand how embracing adaptable ERP and the value of reliable real time data helps our customers build resilience, drive efficiencies and respond to an ever-shifting commercial landscape. Our own customers are well-placed to meet the challenges ahead. However, we come across many other companies that are struggling with inadequate legacy systems that fail to give the levels of integration, visibility and supply chain connectivity they require to remain competitive. Does your system have the functionality and flexibility to address your pain points?

New product development

Electronics manufacturers must act with speed to stay ahead of the competition. Having systems and processes in place to support new product development is a must, and it is critical to get to market as fast as possible. Electronics products have ever-short lifecycles due to shifting demand and those businesses that lack the digital infrastructure to deliver before the competition will be left behind.

Does your ERP system have the capabilities to support that process? SYSPRO helps businesses access a much faster route from design to production through CAD integration. It is critical that the system allows all departments to share information, ensures the right inventory and control measure are in place, facilitates design revisions and supports production in being as efficient as possible.

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Traceability and visibility

Keeping track of end-to-end processes can be a major challenge for electronics manufacturers, particularly when sourcing materials from around the world, dealing with a myriad of tiny components and ensuring that everything is in place to ensure you are the first to market.

You need a 360-degree of your entire supply chain and ensure that everyone has full visibility at all times. Once the product is out the door, you also need the right level of insight to deal with warranties, recalls and returns. Right to Repair legislation also means that manufacturers have a responsibility to help extend the product lifespan, requiring a new level of traceability. It is imperative that manufacturers have an ERP system that provides a single source of truth to keep track of every stage of the product journey.

Quality control and compliance

A key requirement for electronics manufacturers, adhering to the highest quality standards. There is no room for compromise, especially when supplying to sectors like automotive and healthcare that have major safety implications. Electronics businesses rely on components that have been thoroughly tested and have a robust audit trail.

In a fast-paced sector, how do you ensure you remain compliant? It is essential to have an ERP system that provides full end-to-end traceability from the sourcing of raw materials, through production and modifications and to delivery at the customer’s door.

Driving efficiencies and embracing smart factories

Rising costs, tighter margins and pressure to shorten lead times is forcing electronics manufacturers to embrace smart factory innovation. That means embracing automation and digital transformation. It is critical that ERP systems can integrate with disruptive technologies like IoT and AI so that businesses can benefit from Industry 4.0.

At the same time, the system needs to have the capabilities to help users drive efficiencies throughout the production processes. Features like SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system support smart scheduling, helps clear bottlenecks and supports better resource management.

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Best-in-class solutions

Many electronics manufacturers have an ERP system in place, but it has not evolved with the business and is no longer fit-for-purpose. SYSPRO and NexSys solutions are designed to keep you future-fit with built-in adaptability that ensures it continues meeting your requirements year in year out.

Be it dealing with regulatory compliance, new product development or the adoption of transformative technologies, we have it covered. We provide movers and makers with the end-to-end-visibility needed to succeed. Stop settling for second best and contact us today to learn how SYSPRO ERP can take your business to the next level.