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3 minute read • published in partnership with NexSys

Insight: Invaluable visibility – exploiting ERP to get a 360-degree view of your business

The real power of ERP is the insight it gives business leaders into every facet of their organisation. Movers and makers are juggling a lot of balls in this challenging commercial climate, and it has never been more important to have access to single source of truth. NexSys shares ways to exploit ERP to get a 360-degree view of your business.

A centralised ERP system that connects your entire business ecosystem provides a helicopter view of what is happening at any given point in time. Only then can you identify bottlenecks, spot opportunities, and focus attention on the issues that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Shining a light

You need to view, access and interpret what is happening from the shop floor upwards to have the insight for effective intervention and truly informed decision-making. Yet there are times when every business leader feels they are in the dark. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is challenging, especially when dealing with disparate systems that cannot share information accurately or effectively.

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Seeing the big picture is mission-critical when the commercial and economic landscape keeps shifting. What impact will an interest rate rise have on my cashflow? How will supply chain disruption impact on order fulfilment? What can I do to improve energy efficiency and reduce my bills? Whatever the question, the answer lies in access to reliable real time data. Without that solutions are hard to come by and driving change is an uphill struggle.

Blinkers off

Building a comprehensive digital infrastructure that links every facet of your business is a prerequisite to insightful thinking and will help you steal a march on the competition. That connectivity is truly transformative, and at NexSys we see first-hand the impact that level of transparency has on our movers and makers.

SYSPRO provides industry-built ERP solutions designed to give decision makers a 360-degree view of the operations. With superior functionality, its solutions act as your eyes and ears, accessing, formatting and analysing data across all functions. Be it providing the latest information on inventory, interrogating sales patterns or highlighting inefficiencies in your production process, data-driven insight is invaluable for those needing to be in the know.

At your fingertips

This 20/20 vision is available to anyone anytime and anywhere. SYSPRO’s robust functionality enables you to easily capture information in your core ERP system for all areas of the business. The system presents information in a clear format using business insight tiles, automated alerts and sophisticated tools to help keep you informed.

There are solutions to suit every business need. For instance, SYSPRO’s easy integration layer and application designer supports you to customise and tailor a fluid user interface to streamline the flow of your business processes through a fluid customisable interface, whilst SYSPRO Reporting allows you to securely share information from a range of sources in a user-friendly format. From HR to accounts, there are tools to interrogate every area of your operation. Analytics capabilities that empower users to use this information to inform their interventions.

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Trusted partner

Don’t let poor visibility inhibit your business. Knowledge is power and help is at hand to boost your peripheral vision. Our team at NexSys has spent four decades helping businesses transform their operations with insightful ERP. Alongside SYSPRO solutions, our extensive product portfolio includes HR software solution Equator, Orchard warehouse management, and our purpose-built DataSwitch system integration tool which standardises the flow of information between unconnected software systems.

NexSys provides a one-stop-shop for ERP solutions, giving businesses the 360-degree view they need to respond to changing market conditions and keep ahead of the curve.

Suzanne Clubley, managing director at Labcold, says: “SYSPRO 8 is intrinsic to our business, making us more efficient and better informed. Its timely information sharing is invaluable in aiding communication and improving efficiency. The system is very user-friendly, is highly scalable and offers us access to the latest technology. From automating tasks and speeding up processes, to tracking every stage of the production, we couldn’t manage without it.”