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4 minute read • published in partnership with NexSys

SYSPRO continues to support digital transformation in manufacturing with latest update

ERP software provider SYSPRO continues to support digital transformation in manufacturing with its latest product release. Featuring new capabilities aimed at increasing organisational efficiency and optimising supply chain operations, the platform’s latest iteration will empower manufacturers and distributors with the digital tools they need to confront the challenges and exploit future opportunities.

SYSPRO 8 was originally launched in 2018, with updates released each year. The industry-built platform is constantly evolving to respond to the changing needs of business and its latest release includes a host of new capabilities and features including advanced quality control, seamless automation, enhanced warehouse functionality, increased security and connectivity. SYSPRO has also enhanced the predictive powers of its Embedded Analytics.

Focused on delivering optimised performance and complete business visibility, SYSPRO can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or accessed via a mobile device. Its solutions are designed to future-proof customers through access to real-time data. It is continually improving its capabilities to respond to a challenging commercial landscape and support informed decision-making with unrivalled insight into business operations.

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The latest release will help SYSPRO and partner NexSys deliver on its five key product pillars to support business in digital transformation:

Supply chain & connected world

Manufacturers are navigating an increasingly competitive landscape that requires them to secure new routes to market and find better ways of better serving their existing markets. SYSPRO 8 offers capabilities that assist with the optimisation of the sales and distribution channel, as well as after market support. They include account management solutions for both customers.

The latest release features Pricing Engine: Product Catalogue, which enables businesses to create a comprehensive catalogue of their products with associated pricing and promotions. It is designed to boost revenues and improve customer satisfaction through effective marketing promotions, and efficient pricing management.

Organisational controls

Improved organisational control will become increasingly critical as businesses change and grow, improving real-time decision-making by the leadership team. Be it automating payment reminders through Dunning Systems, supporting the accounts team through a Digital Tax System tool and the NexSys HMRC approved MTD Solution, or controlling access through Multi-Factor Authentication, SYSPRO 8 has it covered.

The September product release also incorporates Single Sign On (SSO). It supports organisational controls by allowing users to streamline access to the ERP system by logging into SYSPRO using their existing Microsoft, Google, or LinkedIn accounts.

Control of internal operations

Our manufacturers and distributors are under pressure to remain competitive by improving efficiencies while reducing costs and delivering product anywhere in the world on short notice. This requires significant improvements in internal controls, and SYSPRO is responding by developing capabilities that make that possible.

This ranges from features that support supply chain management through a Preferred Supplier feature, to a Manufacturing Operations Management solution to help manufacturers plan and track performance, which helps manufacturers measure performance. SYSPRO 8 2023 supports the pillar through the Quality Management feature. The first introduction of this new functionality will allow manufacturers to set their own quality control standards with an inspection engine to capture quality data for source receiving and production functions.

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Information & intelligence

Access to reliable real-time data only adds value if businesses have the necessary tools to manage and analyse the information. SYSPRO’s augmented services translates the knowledge into an improved customer experience. These include Business Insight tiles that allow a decision maker to respond quickly to events, an AI module that supports insight from machine learning and an Embedded Analytics feature that provides analytical dashboards and visualisation capabilities.

The latest release enhances these analytics capabilities through Big Data Connectors. The new feature enables organisations to seamlessly connect to cloud and other data sources, consolidating information for comprehensive analysis.

Digital business platform

SYSPRO’s Digital Business Platform supports any business that needs to build its own platform to effectively share information between disparate systems. SYSPRO supports this through features including languages and translation solutions and a special Rules Engine applied to all ERP transactions, regardless of where they originate.

Each product update enhances these capabilities and takes customers further on their digitisation journey. For instance, the latest SYSPRO 8 2023 release introduces SYSPRO’s first foray into leveraging cognitive services through AP Invoice Automation. This capability enables businesses to process supplier invoices faster with more accuracy, while simultaneously reducing costs. It extracts data from invoices and automatically matches it with existing information in the system, freeing up accounts staff to focus on higher value work.

Continuous improvement

In addition to the features outlined above, manufacturers and distributors will also have access to improved warehouse management functionality to accelerate order fulfilment. This allows to easily streamline staging and packing of sales orders to efficiently consolidate multiple orders for a customer into one shipment, generate accurate manifest documents, and print outer labels and manifests based on packaging constraints and stock items shipped.