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Evocon is devoted to helping manufacturers become free of excess waste. Its software product and service aim to provide manufacturers with tools for production measuring, visualisation and increasing efficiency. Our belief at Evocon is that manufacturing systems should be easy to understand, help turn data into useful information on time and facilitate decision making. That is why simplicity, functionality and ease of use are at the core of our development philosophy – to offer more with less.


Evocon is a cloud-based production monitoring solution that provides manufacturers with real-time information about the performance of their machines and factories.

Our solution uses sensors, PLCs and HTTPS requests to digitise the collection of production data. And by visualising collected data simply and intuitively we make sure that everyone in the company understands whether machines are performing as planned. This helps drive engagement and productivity, giving manufacturers a tool that everyone wants to use.

The digitisation and visualisation of data empower managers with knowledge on what to improve and what impact different improvement activities have on efficiency. It also gives them a platform for smart decision-making – where to invest and what areas need the most attention.

By introducing transparency, we help companies seek a way forward based on what their data says.

Discover how we support UK manufacturing in the articles below:

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